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By Drew B
Anyone know how to hack these scooters or use them without a phone? I am homeless in Portland Oregon we have Bolt,lime,Spun,Razor, and a new sit down and I will be illegally takin apart and figuring out how to hack make personal act. Last year me and my friends figured out the spot scooters or whatever had the jelly belly mini smartphones with sim chips that still to this day give us unlimited tmobile just data service....even tho they tried to stop us... I will be posting my findings here on this forum shortly. My knowledge and my friends knowledge of electronics and scooters is extensive,..
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By Cybernut
I'm interested as well. I was at a recent auction in the city and saw a few of the sit down scooters as well. I ended up trading a few parts off some bird scooters on the pallet that was for auction for one.

By DSS4Free
Drew, what is a Spot scooter? I have gotten SIMs from Lyft scooters that give about a week or 2 of free Verizon LTE data, but then they kill the sim to 3g or even nothing. So then I have to get another SIM


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