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By insestito
insestito wrote:
Mon Sep 18, 2023 5:54 am
alecxs wrote:
Thu Jun 29, 2023 8:08 pm
I made a PCB for the green box. it is pin compatible with most esp32, you just have to add compatible dc-dc converter. if you don't have a heat gun you should order PCB with connector assembled on the bottom side, for 2 bucks more (BOM inside zip). it's the first revision, please report here if you find bugs.

I am looking for order the PCB, THANK YOU ENOUGH mate!
I'm going to start this project for your PCB, but I've never asked for something like this and I don't know how the issue is going.
Do I order the PCB, which is approximately $6, and then I buy all the components and solder them myself?
Or on the JLCPCB website did I select the PCB ASSEMBLY option? ($32.60)(this way the PCB comes completely ready to flash it and connect it to the scooter?)
What i need to flash? This?
Is the PCB order okay? (check the pic I uploaded)
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By alecxs
The bare minimum is the connector on the back, a DC-DC Converter and the ESP32. All other assembly is optional. If you have any resistors you can use them for better stability and current protection, but it's possible to run without them.

The PCB is not designed to order assembly, the only part is the connector itself. If you have good soldering skills, buy the naked PCB and solder the connector yourself. If you opt for the assembled version, you will receive the board with only the connector already soldered.

If you want good audio you need this MAX98357A Amplifier module. For low gain any npn transistor is sufficient (as an alternative to the module).

For power-saving mode you will need the MP4560 DC-DC Converter with EN (Enable) Pin as a replacement for the LM2596HVS, along with a few npn transistors and resistors.

For alarm you will need any shock sensor, I recommend the SW-420 module, but it should work with other sensors as well.

Full assembly is not possible because the board is overloaded with conflicting options, for example if you have the LM2596HVS DC-DC Converter you cannot use full power-saving mode. still you could switch off the display with pnp transistor (and some LED if handy).

If you can wait two days or three I will upload a manual for the different options, with pictures and parts.

For the ESP32 with I2S Audio you need to flash this commit a634fb8 in Arduino IDE (please ask here in forum for troubleshooting)

Take note this is for the green box only. You still need the old 2019 version of the BLDC controller (with pin header) and a ST Link v2 clone to flash the old firmware. It can't run on the 2020 BLDC controller without pin header.
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