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By EddySh13
Hello, does anyone know where I can get the centerfold piece? To fold the scooter... I can't find that part on any page and I need it...

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PD: I have read the whole page and it is an excellent subject from which I am learning a lot about this I-walk scooter.
Thanks in advance.

By ryan422
Having just read the entire thread... I saw that one person mentioned it but no one looked further into it. Has anyone tried recording the serial communication between the Bluetooth interface and the esc itself? Similar to how someone did the lime SJ2.5. This would require working on a live specimen.

By hawkinsjonathan7087
Wtf, dam this bike has a dam Bluetooth chip for the music sync your phone shit (may have more options idk?) Inside lil black box inside frame just slightly forward of the hinge that was initially designed for frame to fold in half. Then it has a FM17520 chip behind the lcd pcb board then the next pcb board just under that one has a RF2540 Chip mounted on pcb ontop of lil blue rectangular pcb board. Anyways shit WTF is the issue? I mean dam you people don't know some smart genius best friend from way back you can hit up to have this shit figured out? Dam come the hell on already shit. I mean dam if I even had a wack job friend to get spun out trying whatever to figure this out I would for sure. I've done so much research its crazy. I just removed this FM17520 chip as seen missing in photo. Gonna see what that does if no bang then I'm gonna see if I can't replace mentioned removed chip with a different chip of same socket ect. Good grief I don't see how alor of you people just sit like dogs at the dinner table not helping with shit. Dam ima spin another one then try this shit then give update

By hawkinsjonathan7087
So high done forgot my initial intended point of topic, what I was aiming to get at is this bike is strapped from China and back with all sorts of communication chips

By hawkinsjonathan7087
And of course you shit balls still don't know nothing, can't even display enough decent nature to share what if any at all trial and error test that any of you may have conducted. What about you Mr. Photo proof that you done this and that but can't share any info because you believe it would be patched? Wtf would you possess a patchable unit for to begin with? You mean to tell me that you have the intelligence enough to get the bike converted to a personal unit but you can't establish even enough confidence to share such methods with the rest of us because of them allegedly patching the exploit? BS for dam sure.

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