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Hi well i got this broken Xiaomi m365 and i cant seem to figure out what is wrong to fix it.

It wont switch on or do anything
if i press the power switch nothing happens
i opened it up i have a blue blinking light from the BMS and nothing else
***If i press the power button and keep it pressed the blue led blinks longer interval so board seems to be sending something (see video) To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
Voltage is at 40V on the battery so it is not the BMS fuse
there are no leds on the main board on at all
the f2 fuse and f1 fuse on the board seem to be ok and dont seem burned out and have contact on each end of the fuse
there is no 5V or 3V on the test points
There does not seem to be any burned places on the board..
I disconected and reconected everything (many times)
I disconected and discharged the capasitor and reconected still same problem
brushless motor wheels and sensors seems to be ok

-Is this problem with the firmware? (should i buy a flashing tool and reflash the firmware)
-is it a problem with the main board (should i buy and replace the main board)
-is it a problem with the bms not sending a turn on signal to the main board? (should i buy and replace the bms)
-is it a problem with the power button board (i think this works since it seems to send a signal or somthing to the main board when i press it)(should i replace the power button board?)

To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Has enyone encountered this problem? thanks any help will be great to try to bring this back to life or to see what to buy or do To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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