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I have a year old hardly used M365 that I bought direct from Segway.
I used it a couple of months ago, but left it with low battery til today. I plugged the charger in and all she's doing is beeping continuously and flashing continuously. No codes in the beeping because it's just beep beep beep. Charger has a red light on it.
The scooter won't turn off and won't stop beeping..!! I've had to put it in my truck cab to not hear it tonight..!!! I tried to connect via bluetooth and my phone sees the Segway but won't connect. What could be wrong..???? help or advice appreciated.

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20200120_213123 by Viscount Nelson, on Flickr

By joe F
Hi Mate,

Ive got exactly the same problem! Hardly used it - let battery go flat. Tried to charge it up last week and now non stop beeping and all 4 led lights remain on but cant turn off or on.
Any news on how to fix please someone??

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