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By tifosi
My control board is Purple...so I guess I can upgrade! Yeah Me.

I have a couple of other questions...

I have experimented with my App (Honor LebiTEC) and it allows for changing the maximum speed. However, when I lower the maximum speed it just seems to reduce the actual amps applied to the motor, as it has a much harder time going uphill. For example if I lower the max speed to 20kph I can't go up a 4-5% grade hill.

That seems crazy - can using the https://m365pro.scooterhacking.org/ custom firmware creator get around this problem?

I would like the scooter to not be as fast, but yet still have nice torque like it does when the speed is set to the max...

By tifosi
Anyone have any tips on why if I lower the MAX speed it also lowers the power available to the motor?

I am guessing this is lower watts or lower voltage? Anyway around this? Will custom firmware help me control this?

I have ordered a new Pro Dashboard - and also a ST-Link programmer in case I need it to do a custom flash...


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