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Hi guys,

I have 2 original M365 batteries wired in parallel using the Y connection method here.

On my M365 that I’ve upgraded to a pro board.

I have used GONKAD365 1.5.5 and checked the “remove charging mode” check box..

The original batteries bms is plugged into the scooter, and the bms on the additional battery is not plugged in anywhere.

I can scoot fine, but when I stop at lights or something, it goes straight into charge mode To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Both batteries are discharging one way or another.

Any ideas???

Oh, I have no idea what bms I’m using

Well, the scooter goes 31km per hour now, so pretty sure it is accepting it....
I got it off Ali express though...

All flashes I’ve done say complete etc... But, I’m willing to give it a crack, so, you’re saying put the start speed to like 10 seconds and see if I can validate it taking the flashes firmware?

I’m also using iOS downG if that makes any difference.

Ok I tried a real obvious one... “start in eco mode”

Which didn’t seem to work even though it said complete..
so I dug out an Android, did the same and it did work!!

I’ll create new firmware with “remove charging mode” checked, flash it with the Android and take it for a hoon soon to confirm


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