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I'm trying to fix a puncture on the back rear weal on my M365, but I'm having a really hard time removing the plastic trim strip on the back weal. I managed to get all the red plastic of(not a good thing), but I simply can't get behind the plastic-screen.

I tried with different tools and I also tried on the front weal where I have no trouble getting it off. I attached a picture of the back weal.

Does anybody have the same issue?

But I can offer you some potential solutions of the top of my head if its really stuck there for some super weird reason:
1) drill a couple of holes where the screws are. Then you will be able to access the screws and unscrew them.
2) Superglue something to the plastic and pull it of when the glue hardens.

They can be stubborn. I usually use the point of a new utility knife and stick it at either end, and then pry the plastic thingy towards the middle.

But I agree with the poster who said you might as well drill through it where the screw holes are. It will be easy to pop out once you can get something underneath it.

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