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I had 90% of charge on my scooter when I was breaking hard going downhill. After that the motor seems to be broken, it won't run anymore, and the front wheel don't rotate as easy as before. No errormessages or anything else that indicates that something is wrong. Anyone here who had this problem, or suggestions on how to fix it? I just contacted MI Store, waiting for heir reply.

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Hi, I got the exact same thing. Managed to get 58km out of mine... Don't know what happened exactly as it died over night. Next morning the motor made horrible noises and vibrations and after a while the scooter shut down and started showing fault code 18 on the dash and beeping. I sent my back to the seller but so far no idea. I guess it's a ded motor.

Did you solve your problem already?

Guys, open up the bottom of the scooter and disconnect the 3 big phase wires that run from the motor to the controller. Does the wheel spin freely now? Check the controller for black carbon tracking around the 3 wires you just unplugged. If you see black carbon burny shit, you have a fried controller.
Motors are pretty tough. Controllers, not so much. It is likely runaway voltage being produced as the KERS kicks in while youre braking at high speeds down hill. The motor essentially becomes a generator at that point and can generate so much voltage that it burns the board and shorts the phase wires.
You motor probably only got stiff and sounded bad because of shorted phase wires. Dont believe me? Spin the motor and touch two of the 3 phase wires togeether. The motor will stop. It will become hard to turn. And if powered on it would make a terrible grinding noise. Touch all three together and the motor practically locks up. Typical A/C or Brushless D/C motor behavior.
You likely just need a new controller. Let me know what the actual fix was once you get it figured out. I just like to know that Im correct and not giving bullshit ass advice to people. But Im about 95% sure....im fucking correct. Cuz LA dont front on motherfuckers scooters!
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@LAskooter213 Exactly what the guys explained happened to me (vibrations and wheel not spinning normally with scooter being turned off), and you are right, the motherboard was fried (at least in my case). Removing the motor phase cables would make the front wheel rotate smoothly.

Strange thing is that you won't see that the controller is burned, at least in my case, only after you open up the controller, because the burned stuff was on the other side. I have attached some images with details.

Funny thing, I only rode about 6km with the scooter. I was going uphill, really uphill (> 13% incline and I have about 85kg). Also, I am not sure, but I think I was in Sport mode.
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My m365 pro is dead too. I was going uphill and at some point the motor vibrates and then stops. The wheel became hard to spin. I guess the controller have burned. I didn't disassemble it, but I guess it's gone. It burned at the same spot.
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Funny -- had exactly the same thing happen to me on a Ninebot ES2 Pro. Going downhill under heavy braking fried the controller causing the front motor to sound like it was grinding a bearing. Ninebot just shipped a firmware update to fix the problem. Still waiting for my ES2 to come back from warranty repairs.

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