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SUCCESS! For now... soldered and re-crimped the blue connector last night and just flew up my hill (10-15mins) at full throttle with my 95kg arse and NO overheating, no error 40... case temp never got above 55 degrees which isn't too bad? The hill is steep and prolonged as well. Will re-crimp and solder all connectors when I get a chance.

The problem is the stock FW has the motor constant set too high on the Xiaomi Pro in sports mode, it allows for a constant power delivery of 900 - 1000 Watts under load which is too high for the motor cables, the motor and the battery in the long run.

A custom FW with the motor constant set to 750 - 800 Watts will prolong the battery and motor life span and lessen the inherent overheating tendency of the PRO model.

By Hacjob
Hi, I had an issue today with my Pro version which has not resolved itself. I rode the scooter home no problem, turned it off, and now the scooter simply won't turn on at all. I measured the voltage from the battery which measured 36.1V, which means battery should be fine as it was at around 45% when rode it last. I also noticed the burn mark around the blue wire, I'm thinking my main controller is toast, but is there any way to check whether it's the controller or dashboard that is toast?

By alasano
Another blue burnt wire here. Everything stock firmware, weak kers and wasn't event riding uphill or downhill.

My symptom is different though, my motor vibrates really hard when kicking off and accelerating. It's like it's breaking and accelerating at the same time or something. The wheel can be turned by hand but there is a lot of resistance. W

When I disconnect the middle brown wire between yellow and blue, the wheel can be turned smoothly.

No error codes, no issues connecting or turning it on.

Any ideas on how to fix it or what it could be? My warranty is still intact so I don't want to take it apart if not needed.

Would love to know if there's a schematic of the board somewhere.

It seems that the controller is defective. One of the transistors is burned and has a short circuit.

I think this could happen if you use KERS with full battery or when you drive faster. Or maybe just bad components

By Hacjob
Soooooo....turns out my controller wasn't toast after all. I managed to turn on the scooter by shorting the black (ground) and the green (40V power) pins on the 4-pin connector on the controller (while the battery was connected). The controller turned on, and after I connected the rest of the cables everything was good and scooter was working, even the dashboard. However, I can't turn it off, so it leads be to believe there is at least something wrong with the dashboard or the 4-pin cable soldered to it... Need to investigate further, but at least its working. Too bad I already ordered a new controller for $46, buy hey it's always nice with spare parts I guess To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.


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