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By Lincon
Hello everyone,,
I’m new to electric scooters and have just placed an order for an M365. Since it is a bit of an investment for me, I’d like to preserve it as best as possible. I’ve already read about using tyre slime to prevent/fix punctures, and saw products to make the power button rain proof. Are there any other ways to minimise damage or wear and tear? In particular I am worried about scraping the bottom as the terrain where I live can be very uneven.

Any other tips and tricks for a newbie are most welcome!
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By Ben J
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You really need to be crazy riding to scrape the bottom.
Anyway, If you do, Buggering up those protruding screwheads is obviously not good.
One scooter, I made a custom bottom cover for no good reason aside it was fun, and just used flathead screws into countersunk holes. Further, I placed foam strips under that cover what help hold the battery from flexing solidly. Several guys complain of battery connections breaking off.

There is no reason one could not countersink the holes of their OEM bottom cover and use flathead screws too.

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