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Hi everyone. I've seen some brilliant things written by adept people here so I thought Id ask a question.

I have a 20,000mah battery bank that can put out 1.5a 14v.
I want to buy this ... 3410421541 (voltage converter)

will the BMS (107) accept 42V at less amps?

I essentially wanna drip feed my scooter to charge it anytime its not in use to eek out a little more distance than the paltry 7800mah available with the stock battery.

please let me know if there are any safety concerns, though i figured the BMS helps cover some of my bases. I just dont wanna leave this thing connected and inadvertently have a slow cooker in a bad way on board.

Also side note, next project is 3d print extensions for bottom plate, rotate stock battery so i can slide another one in next to it , and bolt the two in tandem across the vertical walls of the scooter base.

thanks for any help and advice

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