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M365 (normal, not rental model) Does not run more than 30 km/h WHY??
Reflashed few times, scooterhackigorg firmware, - runs nice but has limit on 30kmh, if running downhill, feeling braking on 30, "remove 35kmh hard brake" option pached, does not help.
Any ideas how to remove limiter??
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365GUY wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:14 pm
Try reflashing the BMS from v115 to v107.
downgraded to 107 now, topspeed left the same: 30-31kmh (if I understand correctly, bms does not affect to top speed, just reduce power 115 from 50%, 107 from 30% left) anyway 107 seems better for me,

Any other ideas for top speed??

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By 365GUY
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I still think the firmware is fucked, like you said why is the goddam break coming on when I just programmed it not to. Much respect to botox but I think the program has some safety shit in place that is bullshit

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By 365GUY
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Oh and as far as top speed.. overvolting is really about your only option for noticeable speed. Plus maybe adding a secondary battery so you can maintain the full battery feeling for longer.

What motor settings are you running?
Also you can swap the motor with a zero but the hard tires suck balls... but it’s faster.

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Its brand new scooter, from local store, stock oem, had no hardware or firmware modificatioms before me.
Was: bms v115; ble v81; drv v151; prod: nov 2018
Modfied to: bms v107; drv v138, tested few modifications, now it runs on: kers 40, max speed 45, eco 19, start speed 3, power const. 33000, remove limiter of35 pached, and remove charging pached.

runs good, but has limiter on 31 kmh anyway. feels like power inough for much higher speed, but motor shuts down or brakes downhill on 31 kmh

maybe my mistake, that i flashed modified v138 on 151 directly? ble version can have affect? WHATS WRONG??

yes, have made external battery, does not feel torque difference, but ofcourse less voltage drop on high currents, anyway it does not solve limiter problem. BMS measures less currents, im sure its not of battery overload

What firmware and max speed are you running?

Hi, I have been trying to get more speed myself but seem to be limited to around 29km/h. Around 77kg weight, flat road, recommended tyre pressures, stock batteries, unlocked firmware (1.3.8).
I have looked into this and to me it seems the scooter pretty much cant do over 31km/h. You can read more from here: Of course, I hope Im wrong and it could do more, but I would be glad if it could atleast do more downhill but I dont want to completely remove KERS since I find it comfortable to brake with.

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