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By IamPurple
Charging a battery when it is very cold will permanently damage it. So, what about regenerative breaking (KERS) in winter? Do the scooters automatically turn of KERS at some temperature? Or driving and breaking in freezing winter will instantly damage my scooter? I know Tesla cars disable KERS when its too cold. Also I have read that the scooter wont accept charge when its too hot (like when someone is unlocked the limits and and pushed it) or when its cold outside (some guy told that his BIRD scooters wont charge outside in -2C so he has to take them inside). But KERS is different, is it? I suppose it could still work in the cold by diverting the energy into a separate circuit that dumps it as heat, but I just dont know.

Maybe the batteries themselves dont get that cold when riding because of they are generating waste heat, but what if I leave it outside for a bit because I cant bring it with me, it gets too cold and then I ride (and break)?

I mean.. I know people are riding these things in snow and what not, so they obviously work, but, as far as I know, batteries really dont like the cold, so I want to know whats what.

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