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By TempsPi

I have a M365 that has been broken for several months, I did not take care of it this winter for lack of time but with the summer coming back I would like to look into it.

The problem started with the scooter that sometimes would not turn on without being plugged in, once plugged in it started normally and did not cause any problems for several days. Then it suddenly stopped turning on even when plugged in, so I left it aside all winter, trying from time to time to turn it on again without success.

Today I tried the manipulation which consists in opening the bottom of the scooter to disconnect the cable connecting the battery to the controller. Then to reconnect it to the mains for 30 seconds before reconnecting the battery to the controller.
The scooter ended up lighting up but after a few tries of on/off it broke down again. I started the manipulation again and the same result started for a while then broke down again.

Then I did it once again and while it was on i went for a ride, consumed like 50% of the battery without any problem, once i was back home I plugged the scooter, the charger indicator went red (as it does normally when chzrging) for 1 second then went Green and the scooter instantly shut off.

Id be sad to dump the scooter as everything else seems to be fine, might it be a problem with my chzrger or the scooter controller board ?

Any advice?

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