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Blinking dash and tail light (no power)

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2021 7:21 pm
by Shanus
Dash is blinking with one light, and break light is blinking about 30 + times, it’s a m365 not pro. I have not changed dash, it just stoped working. Any clues so I know what to change. I have had battery cover off and the battery is blinking blue so seems fine. On the motherboard the blue wire on its own seems to have some burn mark on it, I pulled out and inspected but the wire is fine it was just the sleeve covering the wire. I pulled main power cord out of motherboard and left for a while and did get it working again put everything back and when my son went on it a few meter’s down the path same issue :cry: any thoughts or anyone had same problem?I suspect it’s the motor but not sure