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By Alex Kist
Hey Everyone..

Wanting to add 10" Tires to my m365...

I know I need to 3D Print the spacers for the Mudguard & Kickstand (which I can do at my local library)

But will any 10x2 Tires work? Looking at these...
New Tire 10x2 Schwinn Pedal Bike Trike 3 Wheel Bicycle 10x2 Tire for Kids Bike

Also do I need new 10x2 inner tubes or will the stock ones work fine? Thanks!! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

By Scoot_Scoot
I don’t think those will work but these will:

Yifant Outer Tubes 10 x 2 Pack of 2pcs Modified Tires for Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter Accessories Spare Tire Replacement Wheels

It’s a tight fit and you will need the spacer to use the rear fender for sure. The spacer for the kickstand isn’t 100% necessary— more like 95%.

You can use the 8-1/2 inch tubes in the 10x2 tires.

The ride is cushy because the psi is lower. That helps with the bumps. The bigger wheels are better on potholes.

Overall though, the ride isn’t all that thrilling. Take off is a bit slow and it doesn’t feel as zippy.

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