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Hello everyone,

Recently i bought 1 xiaomi essential and now im trying to put in my mi app. The problem is that is saying that scooter is in use of other user. I talk the person that sold me the scooter and he told me that is already deleted the scooter from his app...

I dont know what i can do more.. Can someone help me?

there are two ways this can be acheived that i know of .the first being using the email and password that was orig used on the scooter but if you cannot remember it then the only way is to change the serial number of your scooter by 1 digit .the end digit aalways seems to work for me this can be done using andriod device and app Downg or others ! maybee ninebot iap or ninbot flasher may work from a bluetooth enabled laptop also there are guides available to do it :)

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