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Discuss the Xiaomi mijia mi M365 original and pro versions in this forum. Topics include hardware, software, hacking, riding, and everything in between.
Stick with blue. The purple has the power plug end that would come off of a bird board, and doesnt connect to the OEM plug without the bird part. People have had issues with those boards frying because of the headlight as well.
I was just about to try... (Price is Right "wah-wah trombones") Mine beeps and flashes the lights 2 times and it shuts off when you let up on the button. Thanks for the heads up. The dog is going to love extra cuddle time! I mistakenly got a purple clone board. It really annoys the neighbor when I press it and it beeps. Dog isn't fond either.
These lilac/purple boards have a different architecture (tm1637 chip, legs different etc) then m365 pro original/clone boards.

By default ble version shows as 910. You could change the BLE to 090 with st-link using correct hex file which you can find here ... iya?page=2 ...

pin connections are at the back. The order is:

After upgrading ble to 090 all my problems gone.(i had stuttering problems in d and s mode)

You can not use camialfa v74 BLE files etc. since architecture is different.

You could BMS 126 (7800mah) for standard m365 here: ... 365-y-pro/

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