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Madyicstik wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:34 pm
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are there any issues with charging this? it would really help if you can post the actual picture of what you did. it will help me alot.
You are shorting out the battery pack. Don't do that! Use a separate charger to charge the 3S pack!
Directly connect the 3s battery in series with the 10s. Use the BMS on the 3s only for charging.

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[quote=Hherbson post_id=7135 time=1555208445

“Unfortunately the supply of Zero's seems to have dried up. I very rarely see a Zero any more. I've seen people (scrappers?) walking past Ninebots and Xiaomi's and only grabbing Zero's so there must be more value in them.”

There are still even right now THOUSANDS of bird zeros in san diego. More than a ridiculous number of them flood the streets in fact

LAskooter213 wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 3:49 am
I currently have an M365 scooter with a stock wheel up front and a zero wheel custom installed in the back. The configuration is awesome, it chirps when you hit the throttle and you can pop wheelies no problem:) The scooter accelerates super fast and has torque to go uphill without slowing down at all but the damn thing still only gets up to around 20 mph and the power kind of fades in and out. I am currently running 2 controllers both flashed with the cfw 1000w firmware. So, i have 2 questions...first does anyone know how to increase the top speed? I know there is provisions for that in the custom firmware generator but they still do not let the motors wind up to their full potential. Back emf issue? i dont think it is. Mecanical limitation of the motor? No way, its got more in it. Electronic limitation of the controller? Possible but again i think its capable. I think the issue is in the firmware but cannot be sure. Any insight is appreciated.
Also, might over volting it do the trick? I see a provision in the firmware generator and the controller has a 60v capacitor so i know it can take 52-56 volts without blowing up. Again any info is appreciated.
Yes, i have a “48” volt (actually charges to as high as 59v ). In my white m365 and im running a $25 500w 48v controller. That i think is pushing 30AMPS? anywayz its exactly what the motor wants
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[/img] Yeah I did this the 1st few times but got it wrong as I had a 36 volt battery that was going dead in my scooter so then I grabbed another battery pack but I cut the negative & did it as u said well it drained the 12 volt 3 times to millivolts so then I reverse the process when I had only 1 battery & then it drained the 12 volts first inside the scooter can u tell me what happened here i have an idea but not 2 expert in this subject as I only been on escooters for 4 years??? To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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