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I can’t seem to find the bottom plate spacer for the MAX like the ones for the M365 to allow for more space in the battery compartment.
Does anyone have a 3D printer and the ability to design a similar spacer for the Max battery tray ?

It would need to be a 1/2” thick to allow for a 14s/6p pack. I’m not running any stock Ninebot controller , just a Flipski 4.12 VESC so I have a lot of room but need more to hold this large battery.
Currently it fits fine with a 14s/3p but I want to double up on capacity.

Anyone down to design this and sell me a few ?
You would be the only person selling them, there had to be other people who need these.

Let me know. Thx

Just so we are on the same page.

You want to space this plate down correct? (for more battery space)

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I don't see why I couldn't make you some spacers. The overall length is the only problem on my printers. If I could make the side rails out of aluminum it wouldn't be a problem. 3d print the front and back sections and drill the side rail spacers on the mill.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for the reply’s guys. Yea I’m looking to add more space in the battery compartment and find the same thing that is used on the M365 deck for a spacer. It adds about 1/2” or so to allow a larger battery to fit. Aluminum rails would definitely work for the straight sides and plastic parts for the front and back. I can make the aluminum sides no problem but I don’t have a 3D printer and I don’t really wanna try and make them by cutting out some plastic or something. Seems like 3D printers are everywhere now so figured this would be something fairly simple to make on one.

Let me know if it’s something you want to try and do.

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