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By Koolkidcharles
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Order a new controller and dashboard off of eBay. Also gonna have to buy some used Handel bars off eBay.
Those were probably taken off because the gps is on top of the handle bars and someone probably wanted an external battery for their own personal scooter, wanted to re-sell or just wanted the 18650 cells in the battery pack.

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By Koolkidcharles
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bdawwgg wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:54 am
Thanks for the reply. just ordered myself a dashboard. Also need a controller for these ones as well?

Its not possible to flash the board?
It's possible to remove GPS and keep handle bars?

What if handlebars from a bird zero were placed on this? Is it completely different hardware from my understanding.. not even possible?

Just trying to learn as much as I can. TIA

You cant flash the lyft controllers. They have all 36v going to the dashboard. It will fry it. Just buy some used Segway Handel bars unless you like fabrication.

By Warsome Jamison
bdawwgg wrote:
Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:58 am
Just came across and rescued Lyft Scooter... ninebot es2?
Poor thing was missing handlebars and the external battery pack.

How can I save and rescue this poor baby.

Also what reason would someone have to take those two items? What other scooter can you swap these to to work ??

How did everything go?

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By Sc00tr
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Worth noting that you can't just take a scooter even if it's broken, and you are still at risk of getting charged with theft by doing this.

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