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1. When you say "3rd the hardest./ is to flash the ESC and the board and change the serial only using st link ...":
Q: Isn't the "ESC" the Control Board? Did you mean to say "Flash the ESC and the DASH"?

2. When you say "change the serial only using the ST Link":
Q: Is this done on the Dash or the Control Board? or both?
1- yes youre correct. flash the esc and dash
2. the control board serial only.

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[/img]I just got one of these that was formerly a Lyft scooter. It is not stolen or flagged and I believe it was working when it was removed from service, but I am not sure. There may be a reason why it was removed. It seems to take a charge. From what I’ve read, there are some differences that prevent someone from just putting a new dashboard on one of these and riding it. Is there any easy way to get these things running if they were former rentals? And what parts would I need? I am not concerned about it folding, just want to get it back on the road! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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