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Cool, I am always looking for new scoots like the okai being used on the streets. Sadly spin pulled out from my friend's city but did left one tough futuristic scooter lying around without a battery maybe they have no use for it due to it being propritary and their interface is using ninebot or something (thanks)

Okay first is to do what they do: inspect the scoot, for any damages and determine if it is good to go,
Then repair the scoot through hardware, software if you have a degree in electronics and enginerring, get the right parts, like a KT controllers because hall wires are not the best. The battery determine if it has a c+, (is the output port is also being used as a charging port?) to take shortcut or replace bms or watch battery level when charging, figure where all the wires lead, install everything in the scoot and you should be good.

Also maybe for mines I might add iot capablities to my scoot to heavily deter theft.
Post a picture of it, what is the model number on the side?
Bookwyrm wrote:
Sat Jun 03, 2023 2:12 pm
Hi I'm new to forum. I just picked a spin 6 scooter from rpd auction after it was involved in hit and run. Looking for help with conversion. What will I need tool wise etc.....? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The Spin 6 Matches Closely to the Okai ES600, Don't know the exact model number on the tag, but here is a photo if it is helpful.

This is to my best knowledge but your scoot could differ from the identification, They are known to use off the shelf models, starting with ninebot, switching to okai, and only have one custom model, maybe the S150 scoot.
Yeah that is my scooter the orange spin 6. I have a copy of the specs. I do not have the gps module that goes on front with speaker. If you have a way for me to dm I can send pic of specs. There s Joey wiki that has all info. It's a ninebot kitchen snsc 3.0 my how was to just wire power directly to motor. Don't think that's possible.

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