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By CDogg
maxpower wrote:
Tue Jan 17, 2023 1:09 pm
Ive finally done it full snsc 2.3 install into max g30 bms bypass and esc flash to 1.26 other than that just fitting it all in
What was the point of using the standard G30 frame for this? Folding? The 2.3 frame is more durable with front suspension and dual brake. I guess you can't fold them but I thing modding the stem to fold the 2.3 might be easier than everything you did here. Also, what dash did you use for this?
By maxpower
hiya yess the reason i did it for mutiple reasons really first being the folding stem .and the second as i own several ninebot g30 max and when flashed going uphill ful speed with headlight on i have blown multiple controllers wich are expensive and hard to find . so i had the full electronics from a snsc 2.3 mk3 and thinking these may be a much better setup. i decided to have a go and with quite a bit of modifacations it can be acheived .i used everything from the snsc controller battery throttle headlight the motor witch i think may now have temp overheat protection the dash is a chinese clone (purple) flashed with v.555
and the brake lever is standard ninebot g30 so i now have 100km range no gps or speed restrictions 28mph on display it does need the front suspension very bumpy ride how it is

keep scooting peeps :)
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