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By Sc00tr
You posted four different models... If you want help converting an impounded rental scooter it would help us if we knew which model it is so post a picture here.
By Laffenx09
Thanks for the reply! To be honest I don't don't much about converting scooters, that's why i posted all 4 and hoping to get an answer for what i should look for, that would be easy to convert.
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By lexfire
Hello sir @Laffenx09 ,

as they said, just get any generic controler, and of course it's going to work. The hard part is the battery ! They have security and you maybe have to by pass it. Really depend wich scooter you getting.

Have a nice day !
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By bagnare
Hello sir Lex

it is over the bms problems of the okai series drums. tier, file you just have to change the location of a wire and move it and solder it on B-
By Sc00tr
Well all of them ca be converted with a generic controller and a bms bypass but really only the xiaomi/maxes can be converted through other methods and retain a sort of stock ability
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By lexfire
Hello sir,

i dunno this weird scooter you have but you are actually touching a fuse .. xddd
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By bagnare
sir lex
this scooter still exists if you have one i will exchange it for lime 2 that you like

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