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I have a legally acquired max g30, I flashed esc, BMS, and ordered first a clone BLE then an oem one and was then able to flash ble555, I had issues flashing the BMS, it would load program but not data dump and therefore only flashed half of it I assume. It fixed the issue with dying after ten seconds, but now with either dash hooked up, the power button does NOTHING. I have to start it by either plugging it in or carrying around either a li-ion battery or a portable charger with a cut usb cahle and jump starting the dash by conneting the red and black pins at the bottom.

I've also noticed on BLE555 if I tap the throttle or break it will cycle through the bars at the bottom, presuming for some reason but I can't figure out what.... Any ideas on why the power button doesn't work? Tried two oem dashes and one clone, with every version of ble, even killed a dash by flashing 803 on the scooterhacking fw server..[…]

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