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By Jeremy Burke
Hi guys! New to the forum! I’ve scoured the forums for an answer to this and couldn’t find one.

Recently I legally obtained 2 ES4 scooters. They do not fold, so I’m assuming they were either BIRD or LIME scooters. Question I have is this. One charges normally to 100%, but the other charges to only 80% then stops. Attached are screenshots of the 4 batteries (the ones at 97/98% is the ones working correctly, the ones at 79%/80% are the ones stopping at 80%). Relatively new to all of this, but at a quick glimpse, looks like the firmware on the battery is different. Anyone have any insights as to why it would stop charging at 80%? Also, I do see a FW update, but I’m scared to do it (heard a few stories about speed reduction and error codes). Any help is greatly appreciated To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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By joeyfreshwater
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i dont think there is any workaround, i think this happens when you use a battery off a jump scooter on a bird scooter, it may be they are not compatible

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Mine 95%. ... I guess its because of BMS firmware settings, its mybe something like longlife mode for rental birds and others. (battery has much more cycles, if woks with no full discharge and full charge). On rent app all frech charged scooters has 90% max, never more
I think bms firmware reflash must fix it, someone did it? normally lion must charge up to 4.15v

By mynameiszeldar
What i did works first i opened the dashboard to stop from beeping .. then downgrade external battery to 1.2.2 works great ... Even have more power i can get to 24mph .. but charges both batteries 100% only thing youll have an error code but it works

By Jeremy Burke
Roan14 wrote:
Sun Jun 30, 2019 2:34 am
You need to flash the internal and external BMS to 1.4.1
How can I do that exactly? I have scoured this forum and google to no avail. Does anyone have a step-by-step guide?

Also, would upgrading through the "app" brick the scooter? Or limit the speed?

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