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By Heavy Petal
So, the struggles aside with flashing the 1004 Wh battery (who can help?) for my first post I wanted to share something that seemed to be lacking online. The 2.3 has a secret manual battery release which saves the need to crowbar the lid off.

Remove these two security torx screws and remove the plastic beauty cover.

Remove these two screws holding the huge metal bracket on to "hold" the tiny little cable for the rear light.

Behind that little panel you'll find a keyhole. This is the secret key slot for manually unlocking the battery door, viewed from the inside.

Make yourself something like this from 3mm thick metal, the 50 mm bits can be longer if you want.

There we have it! Now if anybody can help me flash the 1004 Wh that would be great - I'm into it via serial over IOT but struggling..! :)
By jhondo
Is this the same for the new lyft model? It doesn't have the rear break set up or front suspension, but has the same battery and controller set up as this. They just released this version in LA about 3 weeks ago. Started seeing them in Venice and West LA.
By Jesus
wow, couldn't have figured that one out. Are you 100% sure the batteries are 1kwh? When I checked they were same physical size as snsc2.0. Thanks, Jesus.
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By JonDon
This is a great discovery, unfortunately the execution is quite hard without the proper tool and I could not get it to open with my makeshift key. There is no guide for the key inside, so the dimension have to be exactly right.

I made a key that can be 3D printed, with it this should be easy.


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By AbbaZabba
Aaron : You know that story, about how NASA spent millions of dollars developing this pen that writes in Zero G? Did you ever read that?

Abe : Yeah.

Aaron : You know how the Russians solved the problem?

Abe : Yeah, they used a pencil.

Aaron : Right. A normal wooden pencil. It just seems like Philip takes the NASA route almost every time.

Come on, you dorks. 3-D printers?

Confirmed success with a 3mm Allen key and a vice grip for torque. Feel around for the socket and push harder than you think you might need to. Pops open with a clank. I'd imagine a bent length of 15AWG steel craft wire would also work - was on my shopping list but I remembered I had a small allen laying around.
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By Malaurin
A little OT, but...

1. Nasa didnt spend a cent on the pen. The fisher pen company did, as a publicity stunt.
2. You dont want to use a pencil in space. If the tip breaks off and floats away in zero gravity, it could lodge in someones eye, or create some other hazard.

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