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By Laffenx09
Hey guys. I'm new to all this conversations and flashing ect.

But i have done some digging and found out that wind mobility scooters have a partnership with ninebot, like most of rental scooters.

I got the opportunity to buy this scooter from a guy that work with "thrashing" scooters that won't get the time to be fixed on. Its in good shape! Just need some minor "easy fix"

But to the real impotent question!

To go from a rental scooter to a personal scooter. What is the best and easiest method to do this?? ST-link or vesc? Or any other method.

Thanks for taking the time to read and your response.
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By lexfire
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Hello sir @Laffenx09 ,

The easiest way to convert it, put a generic controler .. If the battery goes off after few seconds, that's mean you gonna have to shunt the battery ..

Good luck ! ^^.. But i'm 100% sure that's gonna work ! Even if i never tried this electric scooter !

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