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By Edmund
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Until recently, the Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric kick scooter has only been available in Europe and Asia. Now it's available in the United States on Amazon and eBay.

With a range of 18.9 miles in perfect conditions, this scooter doesn't give me much range anxiety. I don't think I'd want to ride it much longer than a few miles at a time, so this usually can go a few days between charging. If you want to go for maximum range, you can engage eco mode to squeeze every last mile out of the battery. This will limit your speed and acceleration, but will extend the range by an extra few miles.

Folding Design
The folding design allows me to pop it right in the back of my car and allow me to always have it with me, meaning I can either use it while I charge my LEAF, or in some cases, save myself some range if I want to scoot out to lunch.

Design and Build
The Xiaomi Mijia won a few design awards, and it's not too hard to see why. The powder coat and aluminum body are well put together. There are bolts you'll have to tighten now and then, but other than that, it feels solid.

The Xiaomi Mijia scooter comes with a really bright headlight, which can be switched on and off. It's great for riding around at twilight, and even works at night. It comes with a brake light that can be turned on continuously for better night visibility. I think that this is a great safety feature, and I usually have both the headlight and the rear light turned on at all times.

Cruise control
In the app, you can enable cruise control. I found it a little freaky at first and now I enjoy it on long rides. If you were hoping for one-handed riding, think again, as it’s still difficult to control with one hand.

The M365 has come with me to several events and it's a crowd pleaser. The controls are intuitive, almost everyone gets it immediately, and no-one seems to want to get off.

Software lock
Using the app, you can software lock your scooter. When testing, the lock made it almost impossible to ride away and beeped the whole time. This doesn't protect it from being picked up and carried away, but it renders the scooter unusable to a would-be thief.

Weighing in at 26.9 pounds (12 kilograms) it’s not as light as it looks. While it's folded, grab in the middle to pick it up. It's fairly comfortable on the hand and doesn't interfere with your legs. It’s too heavy to carry it in from the parking when you arrive at your destination. You can roll it the front wheel while it's folded to take some of the weight off, but it takes two hands to control and is still unwieldy.

Regenerative Braking
The Xiaomi Mijia scooter has a stopping distance of 13.1 feet. This is accomplished with speed dependent regen braking in the front and a disc brake in the rear. When you ease off the throttle, the regen braking will kick in. It's configurable from the app with three different levels from an easy glide to pretty substantial braking. I like how regen would allow me to slow from the top speed quickly, but is softer at slower speed, allowing the rider to navigate obstacles without needing to hit the brake. It shows Xiaomi put considerable thought into this scooter to include regen braking at all, what a great feature.

Top speed
The Mi scooter has a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. It’s fast enough to be fun and effective at travel, but not so fast that your concerned of losing control. While going downhill, the scooter will engage regen braking to keep you going the top speed.

The scooter can be fully recharged in around four hours from zero.

The App
This scooter has an app that connects through Bluetooth. With the rider can see current speed, battery level, average speed and mileage. It also controls the scooter’s settings and turns on cruise control, continuous brake light, regen braking levels and software lock.

Ride Comfort
The marketing material from Xiaomi shows riders on perfectly smooth surfaces but in the real world, there are bumps. The scooter has 8.5 inch pneumatic tires, which helps smooth out rough surfaces, but do little to mitigate actual potholes and cracks. Hitting a an unexpected bump feels a bit like stepping on a landmine. Keep wary of road surfaces and bend your knees when riding on rough terrain.

Deck Height
The Xiaomi Mijia deck is around five inches off the ground and can be deceitfully high. There are a few reports of riders stepping off awkwardly and injuring themselves. Until you’re accustomed to riding the scooter be cognizant of the ride height. The deck height also affects the kick off required to get going. To start riding you’ll need to bend your stationary leg a bit more than you'd think to kick off and get the scooter moving successfully. Once the scooter is moving hit the throttle and the brushless motor in the front wheel will take care of the rest. Hitting the throttle while the scooter is stationary won’t do anything. This is different that other motor powered vehicles and something you’ll get accustomed to quickly.

The Xiaomi Mijia is good for the money, it's fun, fast, and effective for commuting or a joy ride. If you live near a city where these are rentable from Bird Rides, take one for a test ride before purchasing. Overall, the Xiaomi Mi M365 is a great way to get around with zero emissions.

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