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By FrWix
I have been charging for Bird for a month now and I love it. I have applied to Lime and Skip and hope to be accepted soon. I am 50 years old, my only son just graduated high school last spring and went away to college. I signed up to charge because I have some free time and being a boring middle age man I wake up early in the morning anyway. I do have a regular 9 to 5 job so I will not be staying up all night, I'm happy to get 5-10 scooters a night. I have found that my favorite time of day is searching for scooters between 4 am and 530 am after I have released the previous night's scooters. The city is very quiet and I can can hunt out those hard to find ones that were missed the night before. In Washington DC we have a lot of large stone and marble buildings that mess up the location on the birds. I am learning to figure out where the missing spots are by looking at the way my phone is picking up the cell signals. This is not a very efficient or productive hobby. I usually spend about an hour walking and driving around downtown DC at 5 am and usually find 1 or 2. I am doing it more for the fun then for the money. As an added bonus I have lost 8 pounds in the last month and was not even trying to diet. With thanksgiving and a few christmas parties I have been indulging a little more then usual. I attribute the weight loss to my early morning scooter hunts.

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By blanxable
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Great intro, thanks for sharing! I've lost some weight to from charging scooters. It's amazing what running around the city and constantly lifting 20 lbs scooters will do for you. I've got a little workout routine I do with them while carrying back to my car. It's fun!

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By surveyorandrew
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Zipping around the city in the early morning is one of my favorite parts. Sooo different than waiting at stop lights as normal. Never thought it would only take me a few minutes to go a mile. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Riding the scooters for free is my fav part of this.

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