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By The420kidd
Hi I recently got a spin scooter and when I replace that let's play I thought it would work but it doesn't it beeps 3 times pauses beeps 2 times continuously over and over is there any way to fix this it comes up with error code 34

By The420kidd
I have error code 34 on my spin scooter does anybody know how to fix this it beeps 3 times pauses then beeps 2 times over and over and over again please help how do I fix it already bought a plug-in play but that didn't fix it still beeps

By Bearlymoving
I believe that code is can't talk to battery/incorrect battery serial number. You have to "activate" new display by flashing. It has been done, search the forum.

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By 3characters
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Error code 32: Can't communicate with GPS. Flash new dash with 1.3.3 and then use the nine dash app to restart the scooter. tut coming soon....

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