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I been a Mech in the nations capital for a couple months now, i love it. I always have loved scooters for some reason. I have an Adult Mongoose push scooter. that I've used for a decade. I also love electric transportation in General. I have been skateboarding since I was like 12 and currently I ride my Boosted board as well. That said,

I have a 10 year son and he also likes scooters . He is not big enough- as in heavy enough to control the boosted board so He use to have to ride his Bike when we Cruise around together. Then Birds showed up on the Scene. He can ride the scooters Great - they are a lot safer than a e-skate because of the bigger wheels, the way you stand facing more forward and being easy to step off and slower than a boosted board. We love to take a pair of Birds and Cruise around the city late night when there is no traffic. THe scooters are a great fun way to enjoy sight seeing in the Nations capital. Always wear a Helmet and I look forward to meeting others in the scene,


Great introduction, welcome! Mech here as well and loving it too. Riding the scooters for free after fixing them is my favorite part.

Cool to hear you and your son can ride together thanks to these electric scooters. How do you like the boosted board compared to the shareable electric scooters?

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