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By Jnsystems
Navigating the commercial scooter world is a long journey, first when they start popping up around in San Francisco. They were causing public nuisance and the city decided enough is enough. After a couple years later, only a few were allowed to operate. Bird (Scoot), Spin, And Lime. In San Francisco, If scooters were thrown in the ocean, the corresponding companies have to retrieve it at their own expense. If scooters ridden are on the sidewalks, they had to implement garbage technology to discourage scooters from riding on the sidewalks. Scooters built for the fleets are capped at an abysmal 15 miles per hours. Next, they are parked improperly, and then littered on the street. Their "Equity" Program is Garbage, Except for Baywheels. Their technology doesn't keep riders safe, in fact, it just takes away control from the rider with unexpected slow zones, no ride zones, and brake failures. When are we gonna take back control of the fleet scooters and make it run faster, safer, and better again?

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