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By Dolofanel
Hi to everyone!

I would like to kindly ask you if i can buy a scooter from the old ones from dott or maybe you can tell me where i can find them in Bruxelles.
Thank you very much!

By iddik75014

Does somebody know what is the battery and motor capacity on that Dott Scooter ?

It's not written on the wheel ...

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By Remi Ths
Gilles99 wrote:
Sun Jul 07, 2019 7:33 am
You ve tree wire from throttle and tree from break , all two goes to brain.
The are 5v supplies by the brain ,thé brain itself is supplied by 36v from battery .
You need a new controller with its display from AliExpress .
Cut the throttle and break wire, original brain goes to trash. Re wire all (not the orange connecter from battery , that s i don’t Know ?)
On controller you ve got one 4wire connecter , that s 5v , ground, break and throttle signal..
on controller you ve got a 3big wire that phase of motor, and 5thin wire that are the hall sensor (5v, ground , and tree hall feedback) so hère is thé biggest challenge 3wire motor, that can be switch itself( that done 6possibility) and the 3wire from hall( that done 6possibility too) so 6x6 done 32 possibility just to good wire the motor.. if you done this , the last Step is easy.
My last challenge it s to change thé tree wire from break that give a proportionnal voltage to a two wire switch that give ground to break wire controller .

I hope i ve helped.. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
Hi everybody,
Giles99, I need your help.
I don't really understand your detailed message.
I tried to use a Xiaomi M365 board with same wire but it doesn't work and I don't know why... the light work well, I have the battery level too (1 level available of 4), but no light for brake and the motor don't work when I use the throttle ..

Thank in advance for your help ! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.


By Gilles99
My explaination is for a dott .
You havé à xiaomi that need special part, because they communicate each other.

By Liknats
Have you managed to change the brain of a dott or not ?

Seems like all the companies have switched to custom built scooters right ?

By Gilles99
I have remove the top brain.. remove the inside controler and buy a new one.
All rewire, and that s work great.

By winparkao
@Gilles99, i have the same problem as you. I've a dott model with a red motherboard. I Don't know how to do to flash it and to hack the Bluetooth to make this model run all time i use it.
Can you help me?
You write you suceed by changing the board. Is it the only way?
Can you explain if i change the board which connections i have to do with all the connectors to the new board?

By winparkao
Gilles99 wrote:
Wed Oct 02, 2019 6:03 pm
I have remove the top brain.. remove the inside controler and buy a new one.
All rewire, and that s work great.
i've the same model as you. One DOTT model. I've just take the red board and i would like to flash it or to hack it to use the scooter all the time, but and do know how doing on this model.
You said you suceed in with this model by a new red board. Can you help me by explaining me the connectins i have to do ?
Or, if this subject is answered, can you give me the link to help me with a "how to do" connections in the board.
Or can you give me the model you buy on aliexpress and the connections i have to do?
Thanks a lot.

J'ai exactement la même trotinette DOTT avec la meme carte mere...j'aimerais la mettre en service soit en la flshant comme c'est indiqué dans certains tuto, mais je nai rien trouvé pour ce modèle.
Tu expliques dans ton post que tu es parvenu à mettre ta DOTT en service en changeant la carte mere. est ce que tu peux me donner la référence de celle que tu as acheté ou bien le lien d'achat et aussi me donner des explications pour son changement et les connectiques?
Merci de ton aide, car je suis devant la même problématique que toi, à quelques semaines prêt.

By Gilles99
Il faut voir un esprit logique et une certaine aptitude à l’electronique.
Personnellement j ai un graduat en électronique et j’ai bien suer , plus 2 carte de foutues.

€ 20,91 Réduction de 37% | 24 V 36 V 48 V 250 W/350 W contrôleur de vélo électrique étanche écran LED lcd contrôleur de vélo électrique sans brosse

Je suis près à aider mais pas à donner la soluce comme ça .. toi et moi savons deja comment récupère une trottinette, et ça ne peux pas devenir industriel.! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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