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By genes
Have a strange problem with my electric scooter that I do not get wise to.

I fully charge the scooter.
Then I can drive about 500m and then it stings a few times in the front wheel and then it dies.
It is not possible to start it at all, i.e. the display is completely dead.

Then I put it in the charger for about 5sec and it shows full charge. And the first steps repeat themselves again. I.e. I will about 500m again.

What could be wrong?
By aalberg
Hi. I got the same problem on mye 500 pro.
The display was turning on and off for a period. Now it all dead.

Battery is full.
Have you find out what it is??
Can we try to flash the Bird one 590?

Does anyone still has the firmware? Would be v[…]