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Changing the way we think about travel
By Alexey Bondaletov
continuing the path...
For as long as I can remember, I've been drawn to something unusual. And although he studied law, managed to work in many areas, including real estate, take part in construction..., interest in creativity and creativity, did not fade.
Motion for me, it's not about sitting at the computer, putting the work day and go home, with a sense of accomplishment. For me, this is a very extensive process that you have time to visit, both as an artist, designer, and marketer... and even as a Director. You need to be even a bit of a psychologist in order to understand what and how to portray in order to "reach" the viewer/client with your work. This is a versatile, complex and creative process, but at the same time, interesting!
It is very important for me to be able to create something completely new... You have the opportunity to show any object as you see it! It is especially interesting to use contrasts. I like to use, sometimes even absurd, at first glance ideas. In my video, I tried to combine the practical properties of the scooter and at the same time, use humor and creativity, as in the scene with the same Einstein. Such details evoke positive emotions that the viewer associates with the advertised object.
Now, motion is gaining momentum, not even every year, but every month. This is a young sphere, but it quickly got back on its feet and became a kind of movement.... already a whole, separate subculture, actively developing and bringing huge results in total.
Motion, allows you to put a huge amount of information in a short video, which will be easily absorbed by the CA. I took the finished product-a scooter, wrapped it in a wrapper, as it seems to me-a creative idea, and now, a huge amount of information, deep and complex..., turns into a structured video that, due to its unusual presentation, dynamism and brightness, will easily hold the viewer's focus and attract their attention to the advertised object. Every day, I try to transform the original version, fill the scenes with models and color. In the project, I also tried to show animation based on working with the physical properties of objects. An example is a scene with a scooter falling apart. This scene has become a real test for me, and it is not easy for me... Plus, he created a scene with an object falling into a Cup of coffee, used levitation to image the object, and "played" with gravity in almost every scene of the video. Motion affects several levels at once: image, sound, and text, which means that this method of transmitting information is as effective as possible.
But in words, of course, everything is always easier than it is in reality. Motion has changed my understanding of time To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
here, 13-15 hours of work turn into 3 seconds of video series To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.
, but despite this and the fact that of course in the process, there is fatigue and sometimes, very strong, I am drawn more and more. Each stage only gets more interesting. From thought to actual product. In fact, you enliven the standard image. Visualization-our-all)). At this stage, I'm starting to use different colors, based on feedback from communities, and my vision of scooter advertising. So, the video gets a clearer outline, causes even more positive emotions.
I also use linking to social networks, showing emoticons and likes in the video. This helps you adapt the video for different platforms.
It is interesting to see how what was a gray square yesterday "flew up, broke into pieces and turned into a scooter" on your screen today, as in my case. And these are just the initial stages. I like to learn, challenge myself every day. Your imagination, perseverance, resourcefulness.
I am sure that motion is an area where you will always be in the trend, because you will have to develop with it. And I like that prospect. To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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