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By Alivz
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I was wondering when the bird application for a mechanic says that you get payed hourly and work 8-4. I thought when you sign up you can do it whenever you want. I signed up using the bird mechanic link on typeform or whatever.

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By guisar
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It depends on your location. I signed up to be a mechanic 3 or 4 months ago before they had the hourly program. They've let me keep my account active even though Atlanta started hiring hourly mechanics. Try contacting support and ask if you can apply to be a non hourly mechanic.

Keep us posted on what happens. I'm interested to know if they've changed this.

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By druinthor
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Glad to see Bird is still allowing people to sign up as a gig mechanic. I do this and have a charger account as well. Almost all my time is spent being a mechanic. The money is much more consistent.

By Yellow30312
Does Anyone know how to remove this bolt/rivet from the collar? IF there is a tool or something. Its not a hex bolt.
I didnt see it in any of the repair videos.

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