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By Paddy O'Brien
Hi guys, new on this so please forgive me if this is something already covered somewhere else. I sell electric scooters and I'm finding the costs associated with paying someone to do my warranty work a bit excessive and would like to take back the warranty side of things to do it myself. I've fixed all kinds of issues previously, there's nothing I shouldn't be able to figure out but what I am wondering is what sort of a tool kit do you guys recommend for someone repairing Xiaomi and Segway scooters?

I've got tyre levers, screwdrivers, socket set, hex keys and a small battery drill. What diagnostic tools especially should I ensure that I have? Any brand or supplier that you recommend?

Thanks so much in advance I really appreciate any assistance.

By RonaldVog
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By Alex Napoles
get a multimeter /. get damaged controllers and make leads to the meter to check warranty issues , do the same for batteries . rubber mallet , some vice grips , ratchet style 8mm/10mm/14mm wrenches get all the proper bits for the screws in each of the brands you sell
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