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Please send after hospital pictures and we will all tell you I told you so without blinking an eye
This is the reason why the movie idiocracy is starting to seem like a viable possibility and the lesser of two crappy evil futures we are bringing upon ourselves by letting this staggering amount of incompetence carry on unpunished . Darwinism you are
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I am
Going to give this person a honorable mention for the Darwin awards since it’s clearly almost a shoe-in for the win here’s to all the 35 year old fathers who thinks its a great idea to take their 4-7 year old kids and ride wither with them in front of the adult or even worse on the shoulders or back of the father while riding on a scooter going 15mph maybe you could add in a blindfold for good measure
Sorry I’m an asshole but it’s better than being an idiot

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Lime cut 2,000 brand new LimeBikes in half

Based on Lime's questionable business practices,[…]