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By Joec6512
Found this scooter with the black box torn off. Wondering if anyone can tell what model it is and if it’s possible to get it running again.
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By 365GUY
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Not to sure saying you found a Bird and just took it because the box was torn off is going to fly when the bird detectives come knocking on your door. I would get rid of that thing quick, this shit is no joke. We’re talking about scooters here man !
You not going to need help identifying your scooter model, your gonna need help identifying your ass after they lock you up.

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By enoshclothing
Yeahhh you got nothing to worry about, without the box they have no way of knowing where it is.
I mean it's still stealing it, but they're not tracking anything down.
If the wiring is still good go on eBay and buy a new circuit board for an es2. Plug it in and youre good to go

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