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By enoshclothing
Since bird abandoned our town I've been left with a few M365 and eS2s I'm trying to modify. What's got me stumped as how to get them to fold again. I've got the collar off the 365, but can't get the metal plug out of the stem. Does anybody know if I have to just get a new hinge and stem combination piece? Or is there a way to get that insert out?
On the Segway, for the life of me I can't figure out where it Folds on the retail model. Or even where to find the folding mechanism online. Any help would be appreciated

Get a long stick and bang it against the ground with the neck over it like a sleeve. Or if you want to be more civilized, use a hammer and a long socket extension or metal rod. Heating the neck might help also.
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By Ben J
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As mentioned, you need to drill out the poprivet on the 365 collar to remove its steering mast.
Be aware, there is quality control problems with folding 365 steering masts, combined with alot of riders are nothing more than scooter’tards and abuse the folding joint, Masts commonly get broken sending its rider to crash.

ES series scooter frames are specially constructed if they were intended to be rentals, they need alot of parts to convert to folding. Its really too much to describe it all here. Short of getting a folding ES to compare, Find some detailed pictures to compare with your examples.

Unless I really wanted to disguise that I was using stolen scooters or had strong reason to want folding, I say its not worth it.

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