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By guisar
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When I'm not charging scooter's you'll find me zipping around on these scooters. My preference is always to find a Bird zero. The weight of the scooter along with the stronger motor is a more enjoyable ride. Recently it's becoming more and more difficult to find one. I'm starting to get the impression that Bird is replacing them with M365 or Segway Ninebots when they go missing. Has anyone else noticed this in their area?

Credit: I started thinking about this after reading @SKIPzophrenic post about his experience seeing Bird Zero's in DC. You'll find his post here.
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By 07Gevish
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I haven't seen one in about 3-4 weeks now here in Salt Lake City. It feels like they've slowly removed them from streets. Now most of what have here are ES2/4 and some m365 that are on their last breath..... I know bird and lime both tried to introduc the heavy duty type scooter that could take abuse to save money in long run... Limes 2.5 Gen did a better job then bird done with a zero...even personally zero could have been a better one if bird business model wasn't shit ....

By Spoof
Je suis en France à Paris ici ils ont retiré toutes les m365 pour les remplacer depuis début mars parler bird zéro il y en a partout.
Mais je ne sais pas comment la retirer du système bird
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By Scooter_sensai
I found a skip speedway and have taken it apart and bought a controller and LCD display for it. Can anyone help me with how to get it going? The wiring clips dont match up with the new controller and I've gotten as far as getting the display to turn on and the motor to turn but its VERY weak. Can someone please help or give advice!? thanks!

By dictionaryboii
Did you ever find more bird zeros in Atlanta?

The bird fleet of m365 and es ninebots are starting to get pretty rough.

The lyft and jump scooters are too top heavy because of the extended battery

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By LAskooter213
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Here in Los Angeles Bird just dropped off a fresh batch of brand new Zeros. Theyre everywhere and they are brand fucking new. Im in mid city and those motherfuckers are all over the place. So much fun to take them...for a ride...for $1.00 to start!
And here, my friends, as usual, are my picks for favorite tools to bring along.
My favorite tools of the day:

T10 long shank
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By Fox Master
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Here, In Warsaw, Poland, we have lots of Bird zeros(Over 300). In fact, we don't have any other Bird scooters except the Bird Zero, and I absolutely hate them. I would really like to see some Ninebots! And the M365? I really can't imagine how they're getting away with just the Bird Zeros. I mean, I can understand that they are durable and reliable but cmon, lemme have some fun To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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