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By ben23
I am not a mechanic, however I like to fix my own problems and this one is a problem I couldn't solve. This is a regular Xiaomi, not a Bird.
My issue is that when riding the scooter, the handlebar moves back and forth together with the pole it's mounted on. All screws are tight, upon closer inspection, I found that the movement originates from the place where the pole and the upper part of the locking mechanism meet:
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I have a black ring there, held by a single screw, located on the opposite side of the locking latch. the side where the locking latch is, has a hole which looks like it's meant for a screw but it's empty. Am I missing a screw? if not, did anyone experience this issue or know of a solution?

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By enoshclothing
I only have the bird ones so I can't say for certain if there's a missing screw, but I do know they make little wedges that go into the folding mechanism to keep it from wobbling when that becomes an issue. Take a look into those and maybe that'll help solve it

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By LAskooter213
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I had the exact same problem. The free play is in between the pole and the hinge and it feels unstable when riding.
This is because the aluminum pole stretches laterally , just a little and no it longer has an interference fit with the top of the hinge . It begins to rock. Much like pushing and pulling on a post to wiggle it out of the ground. Here are my suggestions to fix it:

1) Drill through the pole and halfway into the aluminum boss in the top of the hinge (inside the pole) Tap the hole and thread a bolt into it. Add a washer on the end of the bolt and add loctite so it wont come loose. You can put two bolts for added strength. I guess you could use self tapping screws also, but they are not very strong against that type of force so they will probably be a temporary fix.

2) Take the fixed pole union (the thing you are ultimately replacing when adding the folding neck) and cut it in half. Use the top half of it as a clamp to squeeze the aluminum pole tightly around the hinge boss. Or use anything you have that might work as a clamp to shore up the neck of the scooter. A large hose clamp would probably even add a little strength. Remember.....this problem occurred because the thin aluminum on the hollow neck is stretching. You need to find a way to shore it up or it will just keep getting worse.

3) Put back the original fixed neck union. Keep an allen wrench on you and loosen the neck and pull it off when you need to transport the scooter. You could also weld wings on the end of the 5mm bolts so they could be uncrewed with hands.

In my experience, nothing gives a better quality ride than the fixed neck. The folding neck is a garbage design on the m365. It just plain sucks and it always will. I personally just bring an allen wrench along with me. It takes 30 seconds to pop the neck off and I dont transport my scooter much anyway. Usually, it transports me.

How you approach this has to do with your skill level, tools available and what you want from the scooter. Good luck. Hope this helped.

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