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By enoshclothing
Anybody have a problem with pics not loading through the app? Specifically with releasing birds it won't upload the pic and so my rating is at 0%. Hasn't been a big deal until the email that just came out saying that will affect the new limits to be imposed. Need some ideas or solutions to get my rating up

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By blanxable
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My phone is a iPhone and I don't typically have problems. Are you using an android phone?

When the pics won't load your supposed to send the picture and Bird id's to the help section of the app.
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By JJ434
Occasionally after snapping the release photo it will ask to 'use photo' in the lower right screen corner. It doesn't do it every time. It was about 50% of the time this morning. Once you tap that button it automatically attaches and releases the Birds.

By LollyD
I’ve had this problem numerous times. A few times the app somehow just takes a pic before I’m even ready (my finger is not even on the button to snap pic) or nothing but black screen shows up for my pic.
I’m thankful for the sometimes option of retaking pic but that’s not always given as an option.
It’s very stressful when help support sends you back a generic msg

By enoshclothing
I've never had an option to save, used, or retake a pic. I have had the problem of it taking the picture before I was ready as well, but once it snaps it's over and done. I just started submitting the pictures manually through support. But I think it was when my high speed data ran out and switched to the lower speed, the app just couldn't handle submitting a picture for some reason

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