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By Asik
You really dont need the tool then. Just use a single wire and connect the black and blue in the connector. Does th scooter need to be plugged into a charger?
By Harriet Quarters
The six torx screws are T9. Not sure what else. Bird brainin'
hightechhippie wrote:
Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:04 pm
You can do this with a small battery, Here is what i did:

I took a Brain that had been ripped off a scooter by vandals. inside the brain is a battery. I took the battery out of the brain and made sure to keep about 2 inchs of the red and black wires. to Jump the newer style brains :

1. remove the cover with a Torx driver, not sure exact size ( 6 screws) you likely have to punch threw the sticker to get to the holes- thats OK, after the jump put the cover back on and use "Gorilla tape" - preferred or a good electrical tape and make 2 narrow long strips, - use these to cover the holes and make the brain waterproof again. Cut the tape as needed ( about 3/8 inch wide) first so it only covers the holes you made and not the QR code or anything else on the sticker.

2. Pull the battery connector out of the harness connected to the PCB. Notice which side is black and which is Red
3. Take your battery and touch the red to red side and black to black side ( try not to cross the wires or hook up backwards, it will not kill anything but still not best idea. ( PLug the bird into a charging block b4 doing this)
4. when you do this correct , the red and Green lights will come on and you will hear the chirp. The Brain has been brought back to life.
5. reconnect the original battery harness. ( If it dies within a few minutes then the battery is bad or the brain has other issues. ( I am at about a 75% success rate, about 25% of the time the brain dies again.

Hope this helps make you some Mo Money instead of having to drop them off at the Depot.


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