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By Jnsystems
This is some good advice for those trying to start their fleet scooter business, or obtaining fleet scooters from outside. (Retailers)
1. Don't hoard, seriously. You have to double check if that scooter fits with the city operating on. For example, non swappable batteries requires constant recharging, while swappable batteries are swappable as needed, they can disappear easily. (Hello Lime Gen 4+)
2. If an e scooter has exposed brake lines, this is a complete no-no, because every time there are those that clamp your brake lines, which makes the scooter unsafe to ride. Also if that scooter is not designed for fleet use, don't retrofit them into fleet use. (Veo Astro 3 is an example)
3. Know your bounds. If you are not permitted to operate there, don't operate there. Geofence your scooters. Usually universities or college campuses prohibit riding or parking there.
4. Motor: The higher W your motor uses, the better it runs and can go up steeper hills. Note that it uses more power to do so, especially going up steeper hills. For Example, the Okai ES600 uses a 750W motor can go up 25% incline hills.
5. Test, Spend, And Learn. Upgrading Motor controllers and expending coverage to bigger distance can increase the focus to more riders, in the end can lure more riders. Learning is important to the ever changing world in mircomobility.
By Jnsystems
Also Starting a fleet mobility business? How to geofence correctly: Recommendations
No Go/No Ride Zones:
Parking Garages | Water/Lake/Oceans | Schools/Universities | Train Stations (Underground) | Forest/Desert
No Park Zones / No End Ride:
Office Buildings | The Hood | Parks | Freeways | Malls / Shopping Centers | Parking Lots/ Pay to park.

Also Good Luck there are those that dump it there anyways without being a rider.
QA: What is the worst place spin hate tracking their asset?
A: When it is on the high speed rail. (Trains, Amtrak, etc)

Spin scoot (the 2.3) so trash it's like a consumable if converted.
Edit: Further Research (that is bias) found that SPIN (Tier Mobility) is also trash too. They know why, and knows why I know why, and I also know why. Also your "No Riding on sidewalk" isn't representative because today (at the time of this edit) I was on a Lime and told by SFPD to "get off the middle lane" and (ride on the) "sidewalk!" Also Lime and Bird isn't exempt either, can't cope charging regular rates until we had to appeal your charges based on your so called "Scooter Access".
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Scooter Share? How about Shared Scooter where it's not dumb enough to deal with the hassles of (but not limited to) using a smartphone or filling out an application to ride.

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