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Hello, I recently bought a LCD S866, 450W 48V controller kit from Aliexpress.
The torque when accelerating is very good, much more torque than my old 36V 350W scooter.
The problem is that I quickly reach 28 km / h top speed (same as on my old scooter) ...
I would like to reach at least 35 km / h, do you have any idea how to get there?
On the LCD settings, the maximum speed is not limited. Should you touch the controller or the motor?
Sorry I'm a novice but quite disappointed that my 48V 450W does not go faster than my 36V 350W ...

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By lexfire
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Hello sir @REICREM9 ,

that's very easy to understand ... Today, you got a 48V controller with 450W. You got more acceleration to reach 28 km/h because your controler is using more amps than your old controler. But to go faster than 28 km/h, you also need a battery 48V ! You gonna reach 36+km/h.

36v = 28km/h MAX
48v = 37 km/h & more ! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

Voltage is making the difference for speed ... Not WATT.

Getting a 48V - 350W will be faster than 36v - 450 W .. Only acceleration will change ! To view images REGISTER or LOGIN for full access.

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