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By 123jonh4
Hey everyone, I'm stumped on this. I looked around and I couldn't find anyone with the same situation so I'm here to ask,

This scooter I bought second hand (Jetson Element Pro) and it isn't holding a long charge. Battery is a 36v 5Ah and it'll charge up to around 40%, but nowhere above that.

Another situation, the scooter runs. I can throttle it through the 3 gears it has, but it drains almost instantly in a few seconds. BUT, when I flip the scooter over off the ground, as in the wheel is on the air, the battery doesn't drain. I found this out while taking it apart to find the battery, and it'll drain like normal when I hold the throttle down while the wheel is up off the ground.

So Im stuck with a battery that doesn't charge, and a scooter that drains the battery when I'm on it, but not when it's flipped over and the wheel is in the air while running. Any advice? Thanks guys.

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