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By 123jonh4
Hey everyone, I'm stumped on this. I looked around and I couldn't find anyone with the same situation so I'm here to ask,

This scooter I bought second hand (Jetson Element Pro) and it isn't holding a long charge. Battery is a 36v 5Ah and it'll charge up to around 40%, but nowhere above that.

Another situation, the scooter runs. I can throttle it through the 3 gears it has, but it drains almost instantly in a few seconds. BUT, when I flip the scooter over off the ground, as in the wheel is on the air, the battery doesn't drain. I found this out while taking it apart to find the battery, and it'll drain like normal when I hold the throttle down while the wheel is up off the ground.

So Im stuck with a battery that doesn't charge, and a scooter that drains the battery when I'm on it, but not when it's flipped over and the wheel is in the air while running. Any advice? Thanks guys.

I'm on the same boat. No support for this scooter whatsoever. Started out with that same problem but now it wont even detect to the charger. I'm tearing it apart and trying to see what the problem is. It's been incredibly difficult, considering theres no way of testing and I cant find any parts online.

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